Greener Consultants works with a company named Fischer Farms providing a full design consultancy service for what will soon be the largest vertical farm in the UK and possibly the entire world. 

From conception to completion, we have created an innovative vertical farming system housed in an agricultural barn complete with 13 layers of grow area inside a very tight space, maximising every inch of the barn. We have provided drawings for everything from the planning drawings, electrical drawings, ventilation and full plumbing design drawings and the building is now operational and producing tons of crop all year round for their client. 

The next project we are working on will be 10 times bigger, involving a £25million investment and an almost fully automated system from seeding to harvesting. This will be the biggest project of its kind anywhere in the UK and will be the first of many with the company. 

Unfortunately due to the nature of the project we cannot share any drawings of the system as the design is very sensitive but if you are interested in speaking to us about a vertical farming project you may have then please do get in touch. 

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Please send any enquiries below and we will get back to you within 2 working hours. 

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