Holly Tree, South Gloucestershire - 

Architectural & Realistic 3D Visualisations: 

Greener Consultants were tasked with creating 3D visualisations for this site in South Gloucestershire. 

Our client wanted a set of 3D visualisations, both architectural and realistic to use in the planning process for public consultations and to be submitted with the planning application. 

Floor plans and elevations along with site plans are often confusing to the general public. 3D visualisations can combine all of this information into a format that really helps show the development in a manner that the public can understand and done correctly, they can make your development look like a great addition to the area. 

The first picture below is an actual site image of the site. The black and white images are architectural visualisations of the development and the coloured images are realistic visualisations fully rendered in HD. 

This project required a 3D topographical survey to show the site at all the correct levels. Greener Consultants used this data to create the 3D model you see below. We can organise surveys on your behalf to produce this data and create a full 3D model of the site much like at this project. 

If your business needs any similar plans for planning purposes or for whatever you need, please do not hesitate to get in contact. 

holly tree site image

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bristol 3d visualisation view 2

bristol 3d visualisation, realistic, view 2

3d visualisation architectural view 3

bristol 3d visualisation view 4

bristol 3d visualisation view 5


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