Mead Lane, Lydney - 

Battery Storage Legal Plans: 

This illustrates a rather complex battery storage site from a construction and legal perspective because there were many utilities in this industrial estate that needed to be avoided. Greener Consultants therefore came up with a highly accurate searches plan to aid the design process and give a full understanding of the site constraints all on one plan.

The 10MW scheme was built over a disused sewer and there were telecoms that needed to be diverted so that the landlord could have the barn in a position that maximised the land. The cable route was shown as a thicker orange line to allow flexibility in where the cable route could be placed so that it could safely cross other existing services and also cross underneath an existing drain.

The Option Plan needed to include various different access rights across different legal areas so that the 'energy barn' could be sufficiently operated and maintained whilst allowing the landlord full use of the remaining land. 

If your business needs any similar legal plans, please do not hesitate to get in contact. 

option plan lydney


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