Breach Farm, Derbyshire - 

Battery Storage Site: 

Greener Consultants partnered with Green Hedge to produce planning and legal drawings for a large portfolio of sites across the UK from 10MW to 40MW in size. Batteries were to be placed inside 'energy barns' with transformers and relevant grid equipment to be positioned outside of the barns. 

Our client wanted a full design consultancy service that could be relied upon with quick turnarounds and dealing with exacting solicitors and planning authorities. 

All types of plans required for planning were produced incuding floor plans, elevational drawings and cross sections across the site. We also produced the lease plans and searches plans for the site to ensure various utilities were avoided in construction. Full swept path analysis around the site was also required since the farmyard was quite tight for access and the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) needed sufficient access for maintenance of their grid compound. 

This project required a topographical survey to show the site at all the correct levels particularly for the cross sectional drawings. We can organise surveys on your behalf if this is required since it can be helpful not only for planning but to allow for more accurate pricing of the construction. We can also create 3D models of the site based on this data if required however it wasn't needed for this particular site. 

If your business needs any similar plans for planning purposes or for whatever you need, please do not hesitate to get in contact. 

battery storage barn elevations drawings breach farm derby

breach farm site plan

breach farm battery storage site derby site plan

breach farm grid compound battery storage derby

breach farm battery storage site derby

breach farm site cross section battery storage site derby

breach farm cross section battery storage site derby

battery storage site elevations derby

battery storage site derby searches plan


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