Bristol cross sectional drawings from Greener Consultants covering the whole of the UK. Cross sectional drawings across a site are particularly important when there are changes of level across a large site where a lot of levelling of ground is required. By showing both the existing levels and the proposed levels it gives planners and contractors a good understand of what the development entails and how various features relate to one another. 

Cross sectional drawings can be used in conjunction with a topographical survey (which can be organised through Greener Consultants) to show the optimal finished floor levels of buildings which allow an equal amount of cutting and filling of soil. This means less soil needs to be removed from site or brought into site to form the correct levels and the data can be used to price the excavation works required accurately meaning you have no unexpected costs come construction. Showing proposed planting along the cross section can ensure you have the correct level of screening across a site and illustrate to the planning officers that the site is at appropriate levels and well screened from neighbouring properties or other critical views. 

Greener Consultants has a wide array of experience in providing cross sectional drawings in Bristol and across the UK and will be able to help obtain the necessary data to complete this on your behalf. 

Please see below some examples of our latest projects that have required cross sectional drawings.  

battery storage barn elevations drawings breach farm derby

Breach Farm, Derbyshire – Battery Storage Site

Breach Farm, Derbyshire – Battery Storage Site: Greener Consultants partnered with Green Hedge to produce planning and legal drawings for a large portfolio of sites across the UK from 10MW to 40MW in size. Batteries were to be placed inside ‘energy barns’ with transformers and relevant grid equipment to be positioned outside

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